Brief Ceremonies “We just want to be married!” — Couples are delighted with our exceptional personalized alternative to hiring a judge




We are available for couples who are seeking

  • Professional and legal officiating service 
  • Prompt and personal contact with an officiant to answer questions
  • Detailed information on obtaining your marriage license
  • Brief Ceremony Locations — we suggest lovely indoor and outdoor wedding settings (many free or low fee) in addition to the possibility of being married at our 889 Grand Avenue Office in St Paul
  • Brief Ceremony Times — we seek to be available to you seven days a week, day or evening!
  • AND we offer helpful advice:  There is no fee associated with your name change if done when you apply for your marriage license.
  • Neither of us has ever been late for or missed a ceremony we have commited to officiate in over our 7  years officiating! 
  • We are here for you all the way!

Our brief wedding package which includes being married at our office with your two witnesses is $150. You may choose to add any of the following features:

  • 30-min phone or Skype planning conversation – add  $50
  • one-hour, in-person planning conversation – add $100
  • Ceremony location within 15 minutes of our office – add $50
  • Ceremony location within 30 minutes of our office – add $100
  • Include up to 12 guests – add $50
  • Include up to 24 guests – add $100
  • You may hire a recommended photographer (beginning $150) or bring your own photographer

After discovering our brief ceremony officiating services, couples often enthusiastically comment “We had no idea that such a beautiful and personalized brief ceremony alternative was even possible!”  Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what is possible for you!  We reply personally and promptly to each inquiry.


We are here for you!  We invite you to contact us for a prompt and personal reply. You may call either of us Carolyn 612.616.3782 or Kjersti 651.247.7866 to discuss your request with one of us. 


2016 Brief At-Home Scottish Ceremony

Testimonial: “Thank you Carolyn! Stephanie and I will remember forever your grace and professionalism”.-Doug

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