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Personalized – Non-Religious Ceremonies

We know how important your wedding day is to you!

You can depend on us to follow your desires and create a highly personalized ceremony which authentically reflects you and your relationship.  

Neither of us has ever been late for OR missed a ceremony we have committed to officiate in over 7 years of officiating!  We are here for you….all the way!

The ceremony we will create for you will reflect your own personal values, story, faith traditions and philosophies.  We follow your desires, pay attention to your unique family needs, coordinate with your other vendors and beautifully choreograph your processional and recessional. We oversee your rehearsal as well!  If you are unable to hold your rehearsal at your venue, we meet with you at another rehearsal location. On your wedding day, we arrive two hours in advance of your ceremony so you can relax!

Being present so early means additional support for you when you most want it!  If your rehearsal was not held at your venue, we clarify entrances, pacing and placement of your wedding party at a convenient time on your wedding day.  We clarify cues and other details with your DJ, ushers, venue staff, photographer/videographer (giving them freedom of movement in accordance with your wishes).  

We also take responsibility to guide your processional, recessional and support your desires for greeting your guests following your ceremony. Our ability to meet your needs is grounded in our training and experience, and in our enthusiasm for your wedding day to be awesome!

We invite you to contact us with your questions and to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

“We turn your memorable day into an unforgettable one!”  

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