Carolyn Germaine – Award-Winning Officiant/Premarital Options/Wedding Doula


5 STAR Rating Wedding Wire and the KNOT

Quality of Service 5.0/5.0
Professionalism 5.0/5.0
Value 5.0/5.0
Flexibility 5.0/5.0

It is my intention to create with you a ceremony that lifts the energy of your celebration to a height that is felt throughout your wedding day!  

This 5 star rating reflects the care I offer to each couple and the importance of your wedding day for me!  In over ten years of officiating, we have held onto these officiating qualities.

“Carolyn is the master of the three most important skills.  She is a superb listener.  The ceremonies she designs reflect a profound understanding of the lives of those who will be making their vows.  She is an amazing writer.  Expect eloquence, humor, a touch of poetry and deeply moving expressions of the meaning of the event. Finally, her presence is both comforting and inspiring.  Her voice and manner lift the ceremony without making her the focus of attention.  I highly recommend her.” – Charlie Cree, Groom

10 yrs Professional Officiant (Greater Minneapolis-St Paul Metro, Western Wisconsin)  

I officiate for couples with a variety of backgrounds – some from mixed  cultural and religious traditions, some agnostic or atheist. I marry couples who want to be respectful of their parents’ religious traditions but are not following those traditions in the same way.  I focus on life enhancing language which holds meaning for you. The words chosen will be authentic for you and feel nurturing for  both your non-religious and religious guests.  I have married couples who follow earth-centered spirituality, are atheist or agnostic, are Jewish (including the Chuppah,  Seven Blessings, Rushnyky, Ketubah, Breaking of Glass), are Buddhist, Hindu or follow one of the more progressive Christian denominations (both Protestant and Catholic). My language is always inclusive, never exclusive.

I delight in marrying couples who have children and those who have been previously married.  I do not talk about marriage in a general sense, rather I focus on the strengths you bring to your own marriage, what you love about each other, your values, what you hope for in your new life as a married couple.


For “micro-weddings”, when requested at no additional fee, I bring my own wireless sound system which carries my voice for up to 80 guests (indoors or out).  A professional DJ is always recommended for other sound amplification of music or other participants speaking in a ceremony.


I offer you the following optional resources (#1 is our free gift to each couple planning their wedding day ceremony with us)

RESOURCE #1     Premarital Discussion Questions to explore on your own. When you complete 12 hours at your convenience, you receive from us a  $75 notarized discount on your MN marriage license!

 RESOURCE #2  (Semi-annual)  

“Marriage Enrichment Day with Carolyn and her husband, Dr. Randall Ryder”

Randall, Ph.D is a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he served as a campus administrator and education professor for three decades. He offers a depth of insights on self-knowledge and how to create a healthy marital relationship.                “

Our next Marriage Enrichment Day:

Sunday, February 23, 2020  10 am – 4:30 pm at 413 On Wacouta Event Center at  413 on Wacouta,  St Paul in lowertown (free on-site parking to the first 10 couples to register)

REGISTRATION: A minimum of 5 couples and maximum of 15 couples.

DISCOUNTED FEE: $100 fee per couple with a return of $75 Marriage License Notarized Discount  Form.  Morning refreshments and lunch are included.  Questions: 612 616 3782 OR

2019 Testimonials include these two reviews:

“It was so refreshing to spend time with other couples getting married and focusing on the marriage instead of just the wedding itself.  We were given tools and common language that will serve us well into our marriage life.  Thank you!”

“Today was great! It really gave me an opportunity to not only do some self-reflecting, but it helped me see more fully into my partner.  Understanding how we are each wired really helps us be able to discuss methods to resolve conflict and determine ways in which we can be a stronger couple.  Really enjoyed my time today!”   


Certified CTI Co-active Life Coaching (CPCC)  & and the Enneagram Model of Personality – CA & MN

This training allows me to build on your strengths, both individual and as a couple!   You will gain greater confidence within yourself and within your relationship with our own personalized insights on how to have a successful marriage. We do not rely on a pre-packaged premarital programs which easily miss your personal strengths and potential.  We also are qualified to offer you a $75 discount on your MN wedding license with our premarital offerings.

MA – Hartford, CT (2 year degree) This degree grounds my ability to understand your religious or non-religious background and what holds meaning for your life. Together we craft your wedding ceremony to reflect your personal values and the ideals you seek to uphold.  The language/words I use are drawn from what I call “the river beneath the rivers of religious language” making it possible to bridge  religious and non-religious lines. In this way we create an authentic heartfelt ceremony where everyone’s spirituality feels embraced.

Spiritual Guidance – The Shalem Institute -Bethesda, MD 

This 3 year program prepared me to discuss any questions you may have on your life journey as a couple, whether you identify with any of the world’s faith traditions, are earth-centered, agnostic or atheist.  I also am trained as a “wedding doula” to offer ways to relax and hold on to what is most important during  the wedding planning process and especially on your wedding day.

Amanda & Paul Wedding Film, The Enchanted Barn from Northern Lights Video
VIDEO taken at The Enchanted Barn, Hillsdale, WI (two hours from St Paul, MN)



WEDDING LOCATIONS: Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and beyond, Rochester, Mississippi River Towns and Western Wisconsin!

VARIED CEREMONIES: Ceremony sizes range from small gatherings to over 300 guests. Venues include mansions, gardens, hotels, event centers, wineries, golf clubs, barns and backyards.

FAITH TRADITIONS: Over three decades I have studied broadly in world faith traditions and spiritualities centered on peace and compassion.    Such broad training has given me the ability to assist you (whether Agnostic or Atheist, Christian or Buddhist) to find meaningful words for your ceremony  authentic to your own experience.


We invite you to contact us for information on our officiating services in MN and WI.

“Thank you Carolyn, from the bottom of our hearts, for your thoughtful and caring work as Officiant for our daughter’s wedding.  You are graceful and confident, guiding and directing with experience and knowledge.  Your words were particular to Katy and Jon, and that is a rare and wonderful thing. Many guests remarked on the substance of the ceremony and your beautifully delivered comments.  With great appreciation.”                        Cindy and Don Gehrig, Parents of Bride

“Carolyn, thank you so much for officiating the most beautiful


wedding ever!  We had so many compliments and many of our guests wanted your number!  Thank you for helping us get through the process and expressing our love to our friends and family.  Your words, compassion and spirit was beautiful and we are so honored to have met you!  Please keep in touch and thank you!” – David and Eleyna

“Carolyn, I fear that words aren’t capable of completely expressing how grateful we are for your guidance and for the beautiful ceremony you performed. Even though we spent mere hours together, your service spoke as though you were with us for our entire journey as a couple. For two people incredibly nervous and uncomfortable about a “public” ceremony, your art made it feel as though it was just the two us standing there! Even more, our 150 people wedding had numerous, strong (and loud!) opinions on faith and religion, none of which we, the bride and groom, practice. We were sensitive about this being OUR wedding and ceremony, but we didn’t want to offend our guests or make them feel like they could share in our blessings and love. Carolyn, I don’t believe it could have been any better. You truly spoke across all of those religious and faith barriers and made the entire room one with love. Thank you so very much for leaving your fingerprints on our start to marriage. Your value is immeasurable!” – Erin, bride


Fall Wedding Day!

(The following testimonial was for a brief personalized wedding/alternative to a judge)

“It has been 3 days now since Carolyn became a part of our life that we will never forget. On Friday she came to our house to wed Tom and myself. I have to be honest and say I wasn’t sure what to expect from someone who didn’t know us and yet was going to become a big part of our life. We both thought it was going to be “rehearsed” and almost “automatic”. We couldn’t have been more wrong.   We felt a connection that was very powerful. She has a presence that is more than friendly. We felt this warm soul who really cared what she does and for whom she was doing it for. We could feel the love that came from her heart and not just for the money.  Tom and I felt so loved from the moment she walked into our home. She spoke with gentle kindness, and sincerity. We liked the words she chose and the pauses she took. We wanted a very simple, yet special day and she gave it to us with so much more. It was a day of love shared by so many. There are no words we could use to say thank you for the perfect memories she gave us. We appreciated the time she spent with us before, during, and after the ceremony. It was another aspect of how personal she made it for us.    Thank you once again for not only making our day so special to the two of us, but for also being such a beautiful person with a wonderful heart. We are so lucky to have had our paths cross so that we could meet her.   Thank you so very, very much!” – Tom and Gary

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