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Kjersti Moline

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Testimonial – “If you are looking to have a meaningful ceremony and learn a lot about your partner and and your relationship while planning, then you should definitely go with Kjersti. My husband and I were together for almost nine years before getting married and we truly became a closer and better couple because of the experience of working with Kjersti.” ~ Marriage Enrichment participant

I am as passionate about offering couples Marriage Enrichment as I am about creating fun, meaningful wedding ceremony experiences.

Marriage is challenging and there is no end to what we can learn that will help us thrive as individuals and as couples.

My intention is to increase awareness and offer opportunities to practice healthy, effective ways of relating that will support you long term.  Emotional intelligence, conflict management, understanding personality patterns (using the Enneagram model), core values, communication skills and love languages are the focus.

$75 DISCOUNT ON YOUR MN MARRIAGE LICENSE (with 12 hours participation in Marriage Enrichment)



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9:30am – 12:30pm on Sunday, March 8, 2020

LOCATION:  The University Club in St Paul

FEE:  $50/couple

RESERVATIONS: or 651.247.7866

(space is limited so please let me know ASAP that you are interested!)

Testimonials from recent participants

Kjersti’s services are about the marriage too, not just the wedding. Her marriage enrichment activities– individually with her, at marriage enrichment day with her other couples, and at home with her written guidance– were such a wonderful thing for us to do and have helped build habits that will serve our marriage for the rest of our lives. We are so glad we found Kjersti!”

“Marriage enrichment was incredibly helpful.  We’re so glad we participated!  We have started new longterm habits.  Thank you!”

I want to start by saying that we really enjoyed both the assignments and the class we did with you back in March!  We went into this thinking that we knew everything about each other, but it was so enjoyable to put time aside to really dive into the different topics. I felt like we really focused on the WHY (we always knew the WHAT but these assignments forced us to explain ourselves and learn so much more about one another).”

I was skeptical about Marriage Enrichment but with an open mind, I decided to participate and I am happy that I did.  I got a lot from the class and the assignments.  With each topic, we learned something new about each other.  We shared a lot of laughs.  It was very beneficial for us and I believe it will strengthen our relationship long term.”

“We both agreed that even though we knew certain things about each other, it was nice to hear one another say it out loud so we knew we were on the same page.  Also, it was helpful to learn about the Enneagram and realize that there are reasons behind the way we act!  It especially helps with conflict.  We really enjoyed taking the class with other couples – we definitely have our quirks and it’s nice to hear that it’s normal and other couples have their quirks as well 🙂  Especially with conflict – it was interesting to hear that other couples who had similar Enneagram numbers deal with conflict the same way we do. It was almost an “ah ha!” moment!”

“These experiences will help us be more mindful and present.  Thank you so much!”

“I can’t express how valuable we’re finding our marriage enrichment activities!  Doing the exercises has really opened up communication between us.”

“This will definitely improve our relationship.  The Enneagram helps me understand us better.”

“We found the marriage preparation exercises enriching.  We discovered things about each other we previously didn’t know.  Some of the exercises we will make a point of practicing on a regular basis throughout our marriage. We found it made us aware of what is important to both of us and is rarely spoken out loud.”

“The topics were thought provoking and I will take what I learned and apply it!

“I was pleasantly surprised at how I felt about the group experience before and how I felt afterwards.  It raised my awareness of myself and my partner. Thank you!”

“It was great to dedicate time to contemplate our ways of being.  Lots of learning. Thank you!”

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