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In only onerandomized trial HFOV has been compared toCMV in pediatric patients with acute respiratorydistress syndrome (Arnold et al.

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It allows light in and aids in the focusing oflight onto the back of the eye. Immediate stabilizationis achieved with single screw placement (Figure 22.12).No bone graft is required and there is no need for post-operative halo immobilization

Immediate stabilizationis achieved with single screw placement (Figure 22.12).No bone graft is required and there is no need for post-operative halo immobilization.
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Carolyn Germaine


Serving MN and Western WI

“Carolyn is the master of the three most important skills. Expect eloquence, humor, a touch of poetry and deeply moving expressions. Finally, her presence is both comforting and inspiring....."



Over 200 Testimonials

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Kjersti Moline

Kjersti Moline


Serving Minnesota

"Kjersti, Our ceremony was our favorite part of our wedding day! It was everything we wanted it to be. You have blessed our lives in a way we weren't expecting but will forever be grateful for..." ~Angela and Justin

Unique Ceremonies

Unique Ceremonies
All of our ceremonies reflect the unique values and philosophies of each couple using language that is inclusive and grounded in wisdom.

Brief Ceremonies

Brief Ceremonies
"There is a distinct difference between a brief wedding at the courthouse and one led by Carolyn or Kjersti of Grand Avenue Wedding Officiants. The rapport building, attention to detail, content and delivery are too important to overlook."

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment
"Marriage Enrichment was great! I think all couples engaged or recently married should participate in it. It gives a better understanding of who you are and who your partner is. It will definitely help our relationship grow!"