Cookies Policy

We, in collaboration with our service providers, third parties, and/or other parties, utilize various technologies, including cookies, Web beacons, tags, application analytics software, and similar tools. These technologies play crucial roles in tracking, advertising, analytics, and personalization, optimizing our Sites to enhance user experiences.

A. Cookies: Cookies, small text files stored on your computer, serve as integral components of our website functionality. There are two types: persistent cookies, which remain on your computer after closing the browser, and session cookies, which exist only during your online session and disappear upon browser closure. While you have the option to instruct your browser to reject cookies, be mindful that refusing them may limit your access to certain portions or functionalities of our Sites.

B. Web Beacons: Web beacons or tags, represented by small images embedded into websites or emails, operate as information transmitters about your computer when you visit a Site or open an email sent by us, a service provider, third party, and/or other party.

C. Data Collection by Third Parties: Service providers, third parties, and/or other parties have the potential to gather personally identifiable information about an individual user’s online activities across various Internet services when utilizing any of our Sites. This data collection encompasses a user’s interactions with our platform over time, providing insights into preferences and behaviors.

D. Do Not Track: Currently, our system does not acknowledge or respond to “Do Not Track” signals initiated from Web browsers or other mechanisms designed to empower users with choice regarding the collection of personally identifiable information concerning their online activities across different Internet services provided by service providers, third parties, and/or other parties.

It’s important to note that the technologies mentioned above are fundamental to the proper functioning of our Sites, contributing to the enhancement of user experiences and the optimization of our online services. While we prioritize user privacy, the utilization of these technologies is fundamental for providing seamless access to content and features. We encourage users to review our Privacy Policy for comprehensive details on how their data is handled, ensuring transparency in our practices related to information collection, storage, and usage. We remain committed to safeguarding user privacy while delivering a rich and tailored online experience.